We step-up to broadcast Championship League Snooker live around the world.


June 1st brings the restart of live sports in England after spending 10 weeks in lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

After creating the successful PDC Home Tour we continue into new waters by stepping up to produce the full Championship League Snooker tournament at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes.

With new rules and regulations to work by everything is new in producing this event. There were COVID tests before any play could commence and the whole venue was in lockdown. Keeping staffing to a minimum is a Loop USP. By using Newtek Tricaster equipment we can produce broadcast legal sport with skeleton staffing.

Table One was our main focus in which we invested in a brand new graphics suite along with uprated camera equipment to produce the best content possible. Table Two was then produced by just one member of staff…That’s right, One.

We were broadcasting Table One all over the world. In the UK we fed to ITV4, alongside a unison world feed to the likes of Eurosport, Fox Australia and Sky New Zealand, to name a few. Table Two fed to digital platforms available globally.

Below is a behind the scenes sneak peek of the gallery and what we were producing….take a look!


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